How To Switch From Website Builder To cPanel Hosting

Switch to cPanel Hosting

If you are new to web hosting and publishing your site online, you’d start wondering what these website builders and cPanel hosting is about. cPanel is simply the kind of area in your hosting provider where you can customize and manage your site. Finding a Good cPanel Host If you want to change your Website Builder account to cPanel hosting account, all you need to do is find out or inquire from your hosting provider whether this is possible or not. Most of the time they allow it but will require some fee to pay for the package since the …

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Nginx vs. Apache: When and Which Web Server is the Right Choice

Nginx vs Apache

When it comes to choosing a web server, Apache and Nginx are the two most famous representatives. Here we present the two and show when and which one is the better choice. Nginx and Apache are both open-source web servers – apart from that, some differences speak for the one and sometimes for the other system. Apache: Flexible and long-lasting The Apache HTTP Server was introduced in 1995 and is the most widely used web server. A big plus for Apache is the wide distribution and that it has long been on the market. Many systems, such as CMS, work …

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